What does your physiotherapist really mean when using the phrase “we are going to treat you using a holistic approach”?

For example, a holistic approach to living would mean taking care of all aspects of living healthily and living happily. Similarly, holistic medicine covers all types of medicine, including diet, exercise, possible psychotherapy, or any complementary or alternative therapies like acupuncture, massage therapy etc.

At Trish Lang Physiotherapists our holistic approach to physiotherapy treatment for our clients means thinking about the big picture, and addressing the whole person, using what we refer to as the Bio, Psycho, Social model. This requires careful consideration of the following:

• The client’s description of their problem
• The client’s perception of their problem
• The physiotherapist’s decision of the main problem areas
• The measurable changes that occur in response to treatment

So next time you attend physiotherapy as an asthmatic client with low back pain, do not be surprised if the physiotherapist works on breathing techniques and techniques to reduce fear of pain or disability. Similarly, do not be surprised if the physiotherapist works on your old motor vehicle whiplash injury from years ago if you present with jaw locking issues.

Trish Lang Physiotherapists aims to achieve maximum levels of function through a holistic approach, please book an appointment for a personal assessment.