For quite some time I have been wondering what to write for my next physiotherapy blog. I was hoping to write something unique that no man had written about and that no man could google about. Not a chance!! 

I recently fell across a couple of pieces of literature that inspired me. These pieces of literature had nothing to do with physiotherapy itself, but everything to do with the past and the present and the future. This is what makes us who we are. We are living, thinking beings who are led by our head and our heart, this directs our present and shapes our future. When things don’t feel right or work right in the present, we should listen to our bodies. 

Physiotherapy treatment tailored to suit you – to help you achieve good outcomes.

The past, present and future plays a role when you experience pain in your body that would require help in management or relief; you may consider your past experiences before deciding on any future treatment for yourself.  If you choose to see a physiotherapist, they too have to evaluate your past experiences, your present lifestyle and any future activities you wish to enjoy, so that they can tailor the treatment to suit you and your circumstances.  Once a treatment program has been decided, it requires a measure of trust from you in the physiotherapist’s guidance, as you do the tasks and exercises set our for you in your present circumstances so that you can achieve good outcomes in the future.

Dealing with pain and injuries in our bodies can be stressful and concerning, we may feel that the present circumstances may not have a good future outcome. However here at Trish Lang Physiotherapists we will work carefully with you with the aim to improve and aid in pain-free movement, we provide physiotherapy treatment tailored to suit you – allowing you to achieve maximum levels of function in everyday lifestyle. We aim to get you back to doing the things you love to do, so that you can have hope in your present circumstance to achieve a better future physical outcome.

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