We aim to improve and aid in pain-free movement, allowing our clients to achieve maximum levels of function in sports, and everyday lifestyle.

We aim to get you back to doing the things you love to do


Pilates is a fun way to improve one’s flexibility, tone, fitness and co-ordination.
We offer one-on-one 45 minute classes for beginners and intermediates, during office hours, on an appointment basis at our premises in Cape Town. Our individual classes can be used as an introduction to future larger classes at your local gym.

Staybility or Stability

What is Staybility? It is a word that I have defined as being someone who has a predictable, inflexible ability to hold to their position or stance. Does that sound like a good thing? What is Stability read more…

Ponder this – The science of “Working from Home”

We put emphasis on exercise prescription: what TYPE of exercise? how OFTEN? how many REPS? what we are trying to ACHIEVE/GOALS through the exercise? are we having FUN and feeling involved and motiv…read more

Physiotherapy treatment tailored to suit you

For quite some time I have been wondering what to write for my next physiotherapy blog. I was hoping to write something unique that no man had written about and that no man could google about. Not a read more