We put emphasis on exercise prescription:

    • what TYPE of exercise?
    • how OFTEN?
    • how many REPS?
    • what we are trying to ACHIEVE/GOALS through the exercise?
    • are we having FUN and feeling involved and motivated in order to stick to this regular exercise workout?

But what we haven’t realised yet is that WORKING FROM HOME is a little like a well-oiled (or not) exercise prescription model.

In other words, we cannot exercise all the time, neither can we work all the time. When we exercise, we set out lengthy moments when we purely concentrate on the exercise at hand. Similarly, working from home should have lengthy moments of focusing on work, followed by SWITCHING OFF and focusing on those rest periods between work.

Yes, our brains need to exercise, and to rest, just like the principles of exercise and injury prevention. Let’s not reinvent the wheel, but rather tweak this exercise “work from home” programme a little to ensure our brains and our bodies get what they need.

At Trish Lang Physiotherapists we can assist you to find balance in your work from home lifestyle based on our knowledge and experience of exercise programmes. Please contact us to make an appointment.