All about being a physiotherapist at Trish Lang Physios

Blogging is new to me. Being a physiotherapist at Trish Lang Physios is not new to me. I am excited about merging the two for the benefit of both myself, and you the reader.
I am sitting here at a beautiful café, outside, watching people walk by.

I am no different to them and they are no different to me.Yet, young, old, rich, poor, weak, strong, walk past me each with their own agenda…… foot in front of the other. This time I am aware that it is me who has the stiff neck and the stiff back, and they who are unconcerned about their bodies and the fluidity of movement which they possess at liberty.

I will get over my stiff neck and my stiff back; after all I know what to do and I know the correct treatment and exercises. Yet I have gained from this experience because the “pain” has “slowed” me down enough to realize the joy of moving freely has to be appreciated. We should thank our bodies for freedom of movement, but we should also thank our bodies for the occasional “pain” and introspective thinking.
Have a great day.