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Jaw habits that are detrimental

Many clients present with pain in one or other of their jaws (temporomandibular joints or TMJs). These clients often inform me that they have had no trauma to the neck or jaw area, and cannot understand why their problem started. On further questioning it becomes apparent that certain repetitive habits have been present in that…
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Pain and the Brain

Our brain is a powerful muscle.  It is so adaptable and hardworking that if pain persists for longer than 3 months or if pain keeps coming back for a few days every few weeks, our brain will create an extra large "pain" map inside its tissue, making us even more sensitive to this pain..... creating…
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Physio Diagnosis – not guesswork

A physiotherapist gathers information and puts it together into a diagnosis for proper management of results.  Questions are important to determine the location, type of pain and the level of pain a client may be experiencing. Have you ever wondered why the physiotherapist asks you questions like, "is the pain in the morning, the evening,…
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Sports Injury Tips

Just as it is important to order a healthy meal off a menu to maintain a healthy diet, similarly it is important to choose the correct injury treatment to gain optimal recovery.  The wrong treatment will lead to the wrong results. For sports injuries that involve muscular tissue, RICEM is best: REST ICE COMPRESSION ELEVATION…
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